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damoiselle sentence in Hindi

"damoiselle" meaning in Hindi  
  • Picasso's " Damoiselles d'Avignon " 5.
  • Frances has been raised in France, and speaks broken English; she is the " damoiselle " of the title.
  • The seigneurie of the Lys fell to their third son, Henri de Marcq, married to the damoiselle Louise de Boullan.
  • Brome includes views of this phenomenon in his plays " The Sparagus Garden " and " The Damoiselle ".
  • Very little is known of Margaret, even her maiden name is lost-contemporary records refer to her mainly as " Damoiselle Marguierite ".
  • Brome sets some scenes in " The Damoiselle " in the " Temple Walks " of the Middle Temple, one of the Inns of Court.
  • Debussy confided to the critic and composer Gustave Samazeuilh that he was influenced by " La Sulamite " when writing " La damoiselle �lue ".
  • The subject of usury is crucial to Brome's " The Damoiselle ", and links the play to a group of anti-usury plays that appeared in the 1630s.
  • On October 15 Debussy conducted the " Ib�ria " section from his orchestral triptych " Images pour orchestre ", and a week later he conducted his cantata " La damoiselle �lue ".
  • A fruitful professional association with Arturo Toscanini began in 1936, when Bampton sang in Debussy's " La damoiselle �lue " with the NYP, and included several broadcasts with the conductor and his NBC Symphony Orchestra.
  • After a few sentences on the painting presented, " Les Damoiselles d'Avignon, " the rest of his career is finished off with : " Throughout his long life, Picasso constantly challenged accepted ways of seeing.
  • "Jean de Forcade, Seigneur de Biaix ", assisted at the marriage by notarized Pau, between " Pierre de Bordes, Seigneur de Rontignon ", and Damoiselle " Marie de Bel�a " on 11 December 1661.
  • Concert works in her repertoire included " Sh�h�razade " by Ravel, " Le martyre de Saint S�bastien " and " La damoiselle �lue " by Debussy, songs by Milhaud and Debussy, and " ?la musique " by Chabrier ( which she also recorded ).
  • The orchestra also will perform Debussy's " La damoiselle elue, " featuring soprano Joan Rodgers and mezzo-soprano Monica Groop; and Stravinsky's " Oedipus Rex, " with narration by actor Maximilian Schell, and vocal performers Groop, tenor Jorma Silvasti as Oedipus, bass-baritone Willard White as Creon, bass Kenneth Cox as Tiresias and tenor Robert Lee as the Shepherd, with the men of the Los Angles Master Chorale.
  • On 4 June 1389, in a judgment concerning a lawsuit filed against her by the archbishop of Sens and Fran�ois Chanteprime, councillors of the king, Christine was styled " damoiselle " and widow of " Estienne du Castel . " Note that in letters he signed as secretary of the king in 1381 and 1382 the signature of Etienne was " Ste de Castel . " The abbreviation of his first name could be read both as a phonetic abbreviation of Estienne and as the first letters of his name in Latin : Stephanus.
  • The queen of France is confirmed to have had a separate household in the late 12th-century, and an ordinance from 1286 notes that the queen of France, queen Joan I of Navarre, had a group of five ladies ( " Dames " ) and maids-in-waiting ( " Damoiselles " ) : in the 1480s, French ladies-in-waiting were divided in to " Femmes mari�es " ( married ladies-in-waiting ) and " Filles d honneur " ( maid of honour ).
  • Debussy finally composed four pieces that were sent to the Academy : the symphonic ode " Zuleima " ( based on a text by Heinrich Heine ); the orchestral piece " Printemps "; the cantata " La damoiselle �lue " ( 1887 1888 ) ( which was criticized by the Academy as " bizarre ", although it was the first piece in which the stylistic features of his later style began to emerge ); and the " Fantaisie " for piano and orchestra, which was heavily based on C�sar Franck's music and therefore eventually withdrawn by Debussy.

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