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darnings sentence in Hindi

"darnings" meaning in Hindi
  • Invisible darning is appropriate for extremely expensive fabrics and items of apparel.
  • She frowned, her brows knit like darning needles.
  • Listen young lady, have you ever seen a young man darning socks?
  • Burt said the sock-darning event could pose the stiffest challenge for some.
  • Nevertheless, the procedure could still be likened to darning socks on a wiggling foot.
  • By and large, however, the practice of darning has fallen by the wayside.
  • There are many varieties of fine darning.
  • To be sure, there is a lot of actual sock darning that goes on here.
  • The mold for making rubber balloons looks like a darning device but is much more complicated.
  • Then embroidery threads are woven in patterns into that net using needle weaving or needle darning.
  • Invisible darning is the epitome of this attempt at restoring the fabric to its original integrity.
  • Missy, have you ever heard of a woman conducting an orchestra or a man darning socks?
  • This is a fast way to darn, but it cannot match the effects of fine darning.
  • Remember darning eggs, a wooden dealie you put in a sock and actually stitched up a hole?
  • "' Buratto "'is an Italian needle lace made by darning on a net.
  • All were from poor homes, and were trained in sewing, mending, darning, and knitting.
  • The association leases The Ramsden Hall on Darning Lane from the church at the cost of ?000 a year.
  • Jeeves advises against this plan, but Bertie insists on Jeeves acquiring a stick with a darning needle attached.
  • Once Godber says he is darning Fletcher's socks, Fletcher lends Godber some boot polish after all.
  • Eventually the ultimate in visual darning aids _ illuminated darners, both battery-and electric-powered _ were developed.
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