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darns sentence in Hindi

"darns" meaning in Hindidarns in a sentence
  • It was too exciting, too rattling, too darn tingling.
  • Nobody wants that darn bulb to go out on their watch,
  • But the Patriots have put together a darn, good team.
  • "It darn sure wasn't me ."
  • "There's a darn good chance,"
  • He went to the prom with whomever he darn well pleased.
  • Let me suggest that the man is just too darn young.
  • Darn it, and I just had it dry-cleaned.
  • Pretty darn funny, thanks to great chemistry between the guys.
  • She was a darn good wife after all, she decides.
  • Our guys work too darn hard to be robbed like this.
  • Let's get this darn thing done . "'
  • One thing I darn sure do is signal when changing lanes.
  • Our secret weapons are the best darn kids in the world.
  • Frankly, some of you don't give a darn.
  • I was so darn weak, all these broken spots hurt.
  • It is many things, including a darn good adventure story.
  • "It's still pretty darn good,"
  • 3 . tie, Westin and Hyatt : Pretty darn good.
  • Consumers in Massachusetts are still in a pretty darn good mood.
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