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English-Hindi > day-to-day business

day-to-day business meaning in Hindi

day-to-day business sentence in Hindi

• दैनंदिन कारोबार
day-to-day    दैनिक रोज़ाना
business    बात कार्य में
1.Divisions are not allowed to hold their own bank accounts, except to handle day-to-day business transactions .

2.Sometimes an administrator must stand back from day - to - day business to grasp the wider pattern of events

3.The mywork area of the portal site contains portlets used by employees for collaborating in their day - to - day business

4.We have been able to provide training that is relevant and readily applicable to day - to - day business situations .

5.The department s workstation network continued to play an important role in the day - to - day business operations during the year

6.Be well versed with day - to - day business vocabulary . this 12 - unit course introduces you to the commonly used terms in business english

7.In 1994 it shrewdly decided to set up a development corporation and remove day - to - day business decisions from the hands of the tribal government

8.It must have practical value in our day - to - day business and each one of us must follow these principles in the spirit as well as the letter

9.This program is for anyone who wants or needs to improve his or her day - to - day business telephone techniques

10.As a major partner of the business sector , hongkong post provides effective postal services that ensure the smooth operation of day - to - day business activities

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