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English-Hindi > day-tripper

day-tripper meaning in Hindi

day-tripper sentence in Hindi
• एक दिवसीय यात्रा करने वाला
1.The tiny fishing village is not to be missed for day - trippers from lisbon

2.Just over an hour by train from rome , orvieto is a popular destination for day - trippers from the capital

3.Facilities for beachgoers and day - trippers include shops , restaurants and bars - as well as lifeguards and shark - nets

4.There are sweeps of lawn , shops and a park at its peak , attracting hordes of picnickers and day - trippers every day

5.In the evenings , the road becomes a colourful mediterranean - style promenade for islanders ; at weekends it is lively with day - trippers from all over hong kong

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