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English-Hindi > daybed

daybed meaning in Hindi

daybed sentence in Hindi
• कोच
• सोफ़ा
1.Daybeds do best in cities where space is at a premium.

2.It's the reason porch swings and daybeds were invented.

3.Use a daybed as a couch in the living room.

4.Dog couches, chaise lounges and daybeds don't come cheap.

5.Ricasio said, grooving to the ambient music on a corduroy daybed.

6.What else was big : Chaises Longues, daybeds, sofas and ottomans.

7.Higgins kept and recovered Ms . Fleischhacker's sofa and a daybed.

8.There are two categories of modern daybeds, outdoor.

9.Or, if you want, the rear seats fold flat, like a daybed.

10.Controlling the world from her little daybed is perhaps Debi Mazar's greatest fantasy.

a long chair; for reclining
Synonyms: chaise longue, chaise,

an armless couch; a seat by day and a bed by night
Synonyms: divan bed,

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