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English-Hindi > deadhead

deadhead meaning in Hindi

deadhead sentence in Hindi
1.It also gets this Deadhead's personal seal of approval.

2.I don't think that's what Deadheads want.

3.Wouldn't most Deadheads want to hear those songs again?

4.He reports with horror that Al and Tipper Gore are Deadheads.

5.We get Deadheads, the hip-hop crowd, everybody.

6.Deadhead it or you'll have more than you want.

7.More than a few Deadheads come from middle-class families.

8.The sketches conclude with the band answering more questions from Deadheads.

9.And the band's caravan of fans, those inimitable Deadheads.

10.They contain his memos on dealing with the yearly onslaught of Deadheads.

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a train or bus or taxi traveling empty

a nonenterprising person who is not paying his way; "the deadheads on the payroll should be eased out as fast as possible"

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