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English-Hindi > delicatessen

delicatessen meaning in Hindi

delicatessen sentence in Hindi
1.For years, delicatessens in Manhattan have taken orders by facsimile.

2.But as at delicatessens, grumpiness can be rationalized as charm.

3.A delicatessen owner in the neighborhood said people seemed more reflective.

4.Fortunately, the Carnegie and Second Avenue delicatessens are strategically placed.

5.Kim Corcoran recently spotted this sign in an East Village delicatessen:

6.In Canada, both meanings of " delicatessen " are used.

7.North American delicatessen distribution is primarily in older, walkable cities.

8.The Steinbergs owned a delicatessen above which Bridget and Bernie lived.

9.In England, it is commonly sold on a delicatessen counter.

10.Some dining establishments, notably delicatessens, serve kosher style food.

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a shop selling ready-to-eat food products
Synonyms: deli, food shop,

ready-to-eat food products
Synonyms: delicatessen food,

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