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English-Hindi > demureness

demureness meaning in Hindi

demureness sentence in Hindi
1.Nina's demureness and femininity were highly regarded.

2.Demureness, it seems, is for debutantes, as Juliette Binoche proved at the Oscars.

3.His demureness reflected a quieter, simpler era when leadership by example was the rule, not the exception.

4.But for all her sunny smiles and demureness, Ms . Thomas is a woman to be reckoned with.

5.I wanted to break the stereotype of transsexuals _ the demureness and extreme weakness with which they are often portrayed.

6.Ms . Parker sometimes has a demureness reminiscent of Ms . Farrow and a tentativeness that occasionally echoes Ms . Keaton.

7.I am less happy with the demureness of someone like Michael Jordan, who is as popular as he is rich.

8.Enchanted by her demureness and beauty, the prince guesses she is not the man's daughter, but the peasant girl exchanged for him.

9.Muslim parents want their daughters to be like Mary in her " chastity and demureness, " according to a 2006 " IslamOnline . net " article.

10."' Modesty "'and "'demureness "'is a mode of dress and deportment which intends to avoid encouraging of sexual attraction in others.

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