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English-Hindi > demurest

demurest meaning in Hindi

demurest sentence in Hindi
1.She says of her transformation from dervish child to demure adult:

2.My husband, Peter, settled on a demure argyle sweater.

3.Yet there is a demure threat poised behind every courteous gesture.

4.Some of the ladies are demure; some shed their clothing.

5.My nudes are sensually erotic, beautifully demure yet subtly provocative.

6.She's sweet and demure and likes Emily very much.

7.They can be demure twin sets or very short and skimpy pullovers.

8.Ms . Brown sat in the last row, frightened and demure.

9.A smiling, demure woman was our personal tour guide.

10.Underneath Kittles'admiration is a demure confidence, though.

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