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English-Hindi > demurring

demurring meaning in Hindi

demurring sentence in Hindi
1.By early May, Cusack was still demurring, leaving Hersh frustrated.

2.Now that the amendment has moved from rhetoric to agenda, even some conservatives are demurring.

3.He said that agreement on this was " almost " unanimous with only Venezuela demurring.

4.South Korea which had also been demurring on the agreement also said Tuesday night it would sign up.

5.The scene ends with Stanhope quietly demurring from Osborne's suggestion to re-seal the envelope.

6.And though demurring, the church, its members and its property will be very involved in the Olympics.

7."another generic road song " and demurring that " very little went into writing this one ."

8.Sam's Joint is demurring, saying the machine might give the wrong impression to patrons of the family oriented restaurant.

9.But one woman stood out like Miss Liberty, demurring, " I think things are fine : my life is very good ."

10.Hargrove, while demurring that he didn't watch Fryman's path to first, said he thought the umpires made the right call.

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