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English-Hindi > demurs

demurs meaning in Hindi

demurs sentence in Hindi
1.Martin Amis, writing in the current New Yorker, demurs.

2.But Bernard, who likes snakes more than women, demurs.

3.His father demurs, not wanting to start any local hostilities.

4.Hossein Shariatmadari, the editor of a hardline daily, demurs.

5.He demurs on the subject of the bogus labels, however.

6.Mostly accepted without demur, see my notes for explanatory comments.

7.Michel appeared to demur, but members called out encouragement.

8.Axel demurs _ until Elaine ( Dunaway ) waltzes into the showroom.

9.But the working generation has a vote too, and may demur.

10.I offer the shaman a slug, but he demurs.

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