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English-Hindi > dolorous

dolorous meaning in Hindi

dolorous sentence in Hindi
1.The wave motion is a dolorous note for our city.

2.This 1942 clash off Guadalcanal was a dolorous American defeat.

3.On the other side they could detect the dolorous tracks of moths.

4."The Farewell Symphony " sounds more dolorous than it actually is.

5.Yet the film never drags with dolorous musings.

6.But there is more to this examination of the dead than just the dolorous details.

7.But " Leaving Las Vegas " is far less dolorous than might be expected.

8.No one could ask for a better canvas to glorify that kaleidoscope than the dolorous fashion crowd.

9.:" There lived a singer in France of old By the tideless dolorous midland sea.

10.The Dolorous Stroke is typically represented as divine vengeance for a sin on the part its recipient.

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showing sorrow
Synonyms: dolourous, lachrymose, tearful, weeping,

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