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English-Hindi > lachrymose

lachrymose meaning in Hindi

lachrymose sentence in Hindi
1.Varela puts everything forward in an easygoing, slightly lachrymose style.

2.The film doesn't need a lachrymose John Williams score.

3.The title character relates his often lachrymose odyssey with consistent articulate charm.

4.The Atlanta Olympic Games this summer were probably the most lachrymose ever.

5.Mr . Jessel wants something less lachrymose and more whimsical.

6.Bemused analysis was his outlook, not lachrymose nostalgia.

7.The children sail on Lake Lachrymose, finding Josephine.

8.Brittany got all lachrymose because William accused her of bandwagoning on his outsider status.

9.As it is, the youthful face supposed to be moving is conventionally lachrymose.

10.And instead of the lachrymose posturing, viewers get standard-issue sitcom gags.

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showing sorrow
Synonyms: dolorous, dolourous, tearful, weeping,

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