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earmarked sentence in Hindi

"earmarked" meaning in Hindi  
  • None of any earmarked money goes for administration or other purposes.
  • About 20 percent of his income is earmarked for tax shelters.
  • He earmarked this one for a friend on the transit force.
  • The deleted money would be earmarked for that, he said.
  • Besides, the Rangers have earmarked him as a potential starter.
  • Congressional Democrats want about $ 2 billion earmarked for such programs.
  • An overzealous party official has been earmarked to take the fall.
  • As many as 50 of the seats earmarked may be winnable.
  • Ten of those planes are earmarked for the Fort Worth operation.
  • A similar commission earmarked 97 bases for closure starting in 1988.
  • Almost $ 11 million is earmarked for employee salaries and bonuses.
  • "Ally McBeal " is earmarked for Monday nights.
  • Some of that is earmarked to save Cumberland Island from development.
  • A more modest amount was earmarked for drug testing and treatment.
  • Sixty-five percent of his earnings were earmarked for creditors.
  • He earmarked two-thirds of new antidrug funding to treatment.
  • The association has earmarked more than $ 2 million for promotion.
  • The Calder is the first piece earmarked for the sculpture park.
  • Most donations made to the university are earmarked for specific purposes.
  • That money is earmarked for future renovations or a new stadium.
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