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earmarking sentence in Hindi

"earmarking" meaning in Hindi  
  • People have been earmarking that game since before the season started,
  • The parties are barred from specifically earmarking soft money for candidates.
  • University leaders whose institutions benefit from earmarking were muted in their criticism.
  • Critics of academic earmarking say the practice distorts good science.
  • -Earmarking federal revenues from oil and gas leases for environmental protection.
  • The state agreed, earmarking an additional 978, 164.
  • But sometimes, earmarking may be the only option, administrators say.
  • Earmarking this golden lettered milestone, Deepika started various kinds of celebrations.
  • Earmarking enables people to select buildings they are interested in.
  • The Senate Commerce Committee approved the idea of earmarking the money for Amtrak.
  • Earmarking accounts for only 3 percent of that total.
  • He also has proposed earmarking more surplus money for shoring up Social Security.
  • His plan also calls for earmarking the Social Security surplus for debt reduction.
  • "There's no earmarking,"
  • The program started by earmarking the importation of certain goods to pribumi businesses.
  • Whom did Roach think the poet was earmarking?
  • Georgia began earmarking lottery money for pre-programs for all children in 1995.
  • They also improved it along the way, earmarking more money for coastal restoration.
  • Commonly, nations donate money to help Afghan refugees, earmarking it for food.
  • Magers began to squirrel away her tip money, earmarking it for tournament expenses.
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