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earthbound sentence in Hindi

"earthbound" meaning in Hindi  
  • And having a regular job kept me earthbound, I think.
  • They are the earthbound hardware that makes the wireless magic happen.
  • Value funds, however, remain earthbound, if relatively stable.
  • Those who survive are abducted again, but Scully remains earthbound.
  • Both their subjects and their presentation are too earthbound for that.
  • He also joined Nobuo Uematsu's band, Earthbound Papas.
  • Crow defeats the Earthbound Immortal to free Greiger's people.
  • In 2009, HM Capital became an investor in Earthbound Farm.
  • Fox also worked on a number of " EarthBound"
  • "Poor earthbound lummox, " it seems to hum.
  • Yet there are earthbound vantage points worth looking down from.
  • Even songs that sound more earthbound have a mystical side.
  • Blaha said, but the interior was all too earthbound.
  • Most of the evening's choreography was deliberately earthbound.
  • For those content to remain earthbound, no less creative possibilities await.
  • They hope an Earthbound telescope will be built just for that purpose.
  • Can Earthbound elders expect to benefit from this brand-new field?
  • The Alhambra is an earthbound dream of paradise on earth.
  • The Very Large Telescope will do even better, despite being earthbound.
  • Until fairly recently, window washers in China were earthbound.
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