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earthed sentence in Hindi

"earthed" meaning in Hindi  
  • The earthed consumer plug has several claimants to its invention.
  • Certain computers will also pose electrical hazards when not properly earthed / grounded.
  • Such installs are called EEBAD ( Earthed Equipotential Bonding and Automatic Disconnection ).
  • He was issued a US patent for an earthed socket and plug in 1928.
  • He was electrocuted by his guitar owing to faulty or incorrectly earthed electrical equipment.
  • The resistors are large enough to prevent large currents flowing through the earthed infrastructure.
  • With Choice 1, any and all exposed meatl work must be electrically earthed.
  • The roof overhung the structure 4 ft all around and had earthed lightning conductors.
  • That can be easily fixed by installing earthed aluminium foil or sheet inside the cabinet.
  • Other earthed sockets that are widely used in the US today are operable with unearthed plugs.
  • Since the early 1990s earthed sockets have been required in all new electric installations in Denmark.
  • This used a special cage aerial, mounted on a 308-metre high earthed mast.
  • A voltage-sensing ELCB does not sense fault currents from live to any other Earthed body.
  • They are usually ruggedly packaged, often in metal cases that can be easily grounded / earthed.
  • earthed by a new generation, twisted to fit a new sensibility : Dare we go home again?
  • The earthing conductor is uninsulated since it is not intended to have any voltage difference to surrounding earthed articles.
  • Since 2005, new Japanese homes are required to have 3-pin earthed outlets for connecting domestic appliances.
  • It then will not be possible to get a shock by touching two'earthed'objects at once.
  • The 1911 General Electric Company Ltd . ( GEC ) Catalogue included several earthed sockets intended for industrial use.
  • The assigned class depends on whether or not the device is earthed, and the degree of insulation it incorporates.
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