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English-Hindi > embolomeri

embolomeri meaning in Hindi

embolomeri sentence in Hindi
1.Other survivors the Chroniosuchia and Embolomeri were more closely related to amniotes than temnospondyls.

2.In his definition, the group encompass the Embolomeri, Chroniosuchia and possibly the family Gephyrostegidae.

3."' Proterogyrinidae "'is an extinct family of tetrapods within the group Embolomeri that lived in the Carboniferous period.

4.S�ve-S�derbergh used the name Labyrinthodontia in a strict sense ( " sensu stricto " ) to refer to Rhachitomi and Stereospondyli, excluding Embolomeri.

5.For several decades, this name has been used for a group that includes all living amphibians, but excludes all the main groups of Paleozoic tetrapods, such as Temnospondyli, Lepospondyli, Embolomeri, and Seymouriamorpha.

6.Michael Benton ( 2000, 2004 ) made it the sister-clade to Lepospondyli, containing " anthracosaurs " ( in the strict sense, i . e . Embolomeri ), seymouriamorphs, diadectomorphs and amniotes.

7.Several adaptations to piscivory evolved with some groups having crocodile-like skulls with slender snouts, and presumably had a similar life-style ( Archegosauridae, Melosauridae, Cochleosauridae and Eryopidae, and the reptile-like suborder Embolomeri ).

8.Most of the Reptiliomorpha, stem-amniotes that gave rise to the amniotes, disappeared in Triassic, but two water dwelling groups survived; Embolomeri that only survived into the early part of the period, and the Chroniosuchia, which survived until the end of Triassic.

9.On the other hand, if lissamphibians are descended from lepospondyls, then not only Lepospondyli would have to be excluded from Reptiliomorpha, but seymouriamorphs, " Gephyrostegus " and Embolomeri would also have to be excluded from this group, as this would make them more distantly related to amniotes than living amphibians are.

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