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English-Hindi > embolus

embolus meaning in Hindi

embolus sentence in Hindi
1."She had a pulmonary embolus and couldn't breathe.

2.Pulmonary embolism refers to an embolus that lodges in the pulmonary circulation.

3.Thus, the source of the embolus must be identified.

4.Former President Nixon experienced phlebitis and a pulmonary embolus.

5.Projecting from each palp is a coil-like organ, the embolus.

6.The palpal bulb is pear-shaped, with a wide curved embolus.

7.The cause of death was cerebral embolus and arteriosclerosis.

8.In males, the embolus is corkscrew-shaped.

9.The tube usually opens via a narrow tip, the " embolus ".

10.In males, the embolus of the pedipalp is enclosed within the conductor.

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an abnormal particle (e.g. an air bubble or part of a clot) circulating in the blood

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