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emmetropia sentence in Hindi

"emmetropia" meaning in Hindi
  • Accommodation of the lens does not occur in emmetropia.
  • The development of an eye towards emmetropia is known as " emmetropization ".
  • Emmetropia is a state in which the eye is relaxed and focused on an object more than away.
  • The lens usually stiffens with age, causing less ability to focus when the eyes are not in a state of emmetropia.
  • Chynn, EW, Wesson, J, Azkasi, Z . Improving postoperative emmetropia results by modifying the manufacturer s A-constant.
  • In emmetropia, the lens is about 3.6 mm thick at the center; in accommodation, it thickens to about 4.5 mm.
  • Another treatment option for the correction of presbyopia in patients with emmetropia, as well as in patients with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism is laser blended vision.
  • Second place went to 13-year old Rachel Wachtel of Wooster, Ohio, who missed " yarborough . " Both missed " emmetropia " and " chorography " in prior rounds before " yarborough " was used.
  • The SRK formula is calculated easily by hand as P = A-0.9 K-2.5 L, where P is the IOL power to be used for emmetropia, A is the IOL specific A constant, K is the average corneal refractive power ( diopters ), and L is the length of the eye ( mm ).
  • To win, he spelled " fondu, " " waiver, " " serendipity, " " ersatz, " " surfactant, " " vesicant, " " emmetropia, " " annelid, " " trophobiosis, " " psilosis, " " quodlibet, " " eudaemonic, " " ditokous, " " propaedeutic " and " demarche " correctly over two days.

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