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English-Hindi > empiricism

empiricism meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ em'pirisizəm ]  sound:  
empiricism sentence in Hindi
1.Quine departed from the old dogmas of empiricism in surprising ways.

2.Bas van Fraassen developed constructive empiricism as an alternative to realism.

3.The main contributions of these authors was an employment of empiricism.

4.He provided another of the ingredients of scientific tradition : empiricism.

5.Scientific thinking and empiricism remained the core of his world view.

6.Series b however, completely refutes the basic concepts of empiricism.

7.It is marked by empiricism and rationalism in concert or consilience.

8.Pound contrasts this empiricism against knowledge gained through increasingly abstract definitions.

9.Ideal entities independent of human consciousness violate the empiricism of modern science.

10.But there is something paradoxical in the idea of radical empiricism itself.

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medical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings
Synonyms: quackery,

the application of empirical methods in any art or science

(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge derives from experience
Synonyms: empiricist philosophy, sensationalism,

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