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English-Hindi > quackery

quackery meaning in Hindi

noun plural: quackeries   
quackery sentence in Hindi
1.Not surprisingly, the Internet has become ripe territory for quackery.

2.To be sure, some skeptics dismiss feng shui as quackery.

3.But those terms are loaded, easy to dismiss as quackery.

4.But Kenya's physicians generally reject traditional medicine as quackery.

5.The line between alternative medicine and quackery is a contentious subject.

6.Doesn't this qualify as quackery / fraud / skeptical.

7.Quackery is a specific type of pseudoscience that alludes medical treatments.

8.There were a few people offering sensible mainstream advice amid the quackery.

9.McCoy has crammed the Quackery Gallery with dozens of relics like that.

10.But pupils weren't the only ones fooled by his quackery.

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medical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings
Synonyms: empiricism,

the dishonesty of a charlatan
Synonyms: charlatanism,

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