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English-Hindi > encyclopaedism

encyclopaedism meaning in Hindi

encyclopaedism sentence in Hindi
1.Much encyclopaedism of the French Renaissance was based upon the notion of not including every fact known to humans, but only that knowledge that was necessary, where necessity was judged by a wide variety of criteria, leading to works of greatly varying sizes.

2.As the library's chairman, Jean Favier, and its architect, Dominique Perrault, shepherded groups around the inaugural exhibition on Encyclopaedism and showed off the distinctive design features, trade union representatives put on a rival show to complain about inadequate safety facilities and staffing.

3.Gemma's two major works, " De arte cyclognomica " ( Antwerp, 1569 ) and " De naturae divinis characterismis " ( Antwerp, 1575 ), have been called " true'hidden gems'in early modern intellectual history, " bringing together such topics as medicine, astronomy, astrology, teratology, divination, eschatology, and encyclopaedism.

profound scholarly knowledge
Synonyms: eruditeness, erudition, learnedness, learning, scholarship, encyclopedism,

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