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encyclopedism meaning in Hindi

encyclopedism sentence in Hindi
1.Aside from the work of Aristotle and Pliny the Elder, little of this ancient encyclopedism survives.

2.It does not represent a continuation of ancient or medieval encyclopedism, but comes from a separate tradition.

3.Have also added banner for fictional, childrens and encyclopedism .-- talk ) 19 : 35, 7 July 2016 ( UTC)

4.The drive toward encyclopedism-especially on topics peripheral to scientific study-renders a great many articles so unintelligible as to seem self-congratulatory.

5.Different styles of encyclopedism emerged which would target particular age groups, presenting the works as educational tools even made available through payment plans advertised on TV.

6.The illusion of encyclopedism experienced by the reader of such a novel might represent the author's exploration of the assumptions and practices embodied in the production of a real encyclopedia.

7.Pell spent much of the 1630s working under Hartlib's influence, on a variety of topics in the area of pedagogy, encyclopedism and pansophy, combinatorics and the legacy of Trithemius.

8.Along these lines, a post-structuralist analysis of the encyclopedic novel sees it as critical of encyclopedism, the ostensible goal of which is to capture the sum of all human knowledge.

9.This realization that no one person, not even a genius like Pliny assisted by slave secretaries, could produce a work of the comprehensiveness required, is the mark of the modern era of encyclopedism.

10.The most powerful implementation of encyclopedism to date is Wikipedia, which integrates the associative powers of the world-wide web with the collective intelligence of its millions of contributors, approaching the ideal of a global memory.

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profound scholarly knowledge
Synonyms: eruditeness, erudition, learnedness, learning, scholarship, encyclopaedism,

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