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English-Hindi > engrave

engrave meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ in'greiv ]  sound:  
engrave sentence in Hindi
1.James McKewan, president of Central Engraving, declined to comment.

2.An engraved putter at Purdue, golf clubs at Ohio State.

3.May 14 _ Charles Barkley engraves himself into Houston sports history.

4.The portraits will be larger and will be re-engraved.

5.They might as well have started engraving the Eclipse Award trophy.

6.Too, he said, the art is engraved in stone.

7.Could you engrave my new front tooth with a Seahawks logo?

8.But Blake was the product of a rigorous apprenticeship in engraving.

9.America's Railroad Magnates _ ( Engraving, 1870 ).

10.Bureau of Engraving and Printing . ( See : NI TRE)

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carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface; "engrave a pen"; "engraved the trophy cupt with the winner''s"; "the lovers scratched their names into the bark of the tree"
Synonyms: scratch, grave, inscribe,

carve or cut a design or letters into; "engrave the pen with the owner''s name"
Synonyms: etch,

carve or cut into a block used for printing or print from such a block; "engrave a letter"
Synonyms: etch,

impress or affect deeply; "The event engraved itself into her memory"

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