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English-Hindi > enticements

enticements meaning in Hindi

enticements sentence in Hindi
1.Unwanted enticements suck up the machines'paper supply and toner.

2.Florida offers many enticements at this time of year besides weather.

3.The self-possessed Shlain ticks off her suitors'enticements.

4.This is not some kind of enticement concept, anything but.

5.Alexander's enticement for voters : the singer Crystal Gayle.

6.A few states provide some enticements for Jane and Joe Average.

7.Here are 10 free enticements to consider on your next visit:

8.The mere mention of one still holds enticement, said Raftery.

9.Such enticements have support from city officials in Zarubino and Posyet.

10.Friedman was charged with attempted murder, mutiny and attempted enticement.

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