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enticements sentence in Hindi

"enticements" meaning in Hindienticements in a sentence
  • Unwanted enticements suck up the machines'paper supply and toner.
  • Florida offers many enticements at this time of year besides weather.
  • The self-possessed Shlain ticks off her suitors'enticements.
  • This is not some kind of enticement concept, anything but.
  • Alexander's enticement for voters : the singer Crystal Gayle.
  • A few states provide some enticements for Jane and Joe Average.
  • Here are 10 free enticements to consider on your next visit:
  • The mere mention of one still holds enticement, said Raftery.
  • Such enticements have support from city officials in Zarubino and Posyet.
  • Friedman was charged with attempted murder, mutiny and attempted enticement.
  • Unfortunately, the enticement did not draw many to the field.
  • Earnings reports continued to provide some enticement to buy individual stocks.
  • They managed to make their hip wiggles an erotic enticement.
  • In other states, they say, such enticements abound.
  • Maybe the owners juiced the ball as an enticement to the fans.
  • Despite such enticements, the competition from the United States is stiff.
  • It is the quintessential enticement that Harvey put before us,
  • To pull it off, France had to dangle a few enticements.
  • Alexander's enticement for voters : singer Crystal Gayle.
  • They subject him to a creative series of erotic enticements and punishments.
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