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English-Hindi > extractable

extractable meaning in Hindi

extractable sentence in Hindi
1.Such association rules are extractable from RDBMS data or semantic web data.

2.But big finds of extractable oil have been elusive.

3.Oil was the country's main extractable resource.

4.Such is this administration's appetite for extractable resources that no area seems safe.

5.In some circumstances it seems desirable to have data extractable from the design, obviously.

6.It was explained as an increasing tendency to form non extractable complexes of multiple negative charges.

7.Depending on track, test problems might be questions, topics, or target extractable features.

8.The biological fertilities of planetary materials can be assessed by measuring water-extractable electrolyte nutrients.

9.And the extractable amount in talk ) 17 : 37, 6 January 2012 ( UTC)

10.In some African states warlord politics can be a product of endowment-rich, extractable resources.

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capable of being extracted
Synonyms: extractible,

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