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English-Hindi > extractant

extractant meaning in Hindi

extractant sentence in Hindi
1.It is used as an extractant and an oxygenate gasoline additive.

2.The contained extractant is supposed to enhance the capacity of the resin particles.

3.These might be remedied by choosing the proper particle-extractant-system.

4.The Morenci Jameson Cell consistently recovered over 82 % of the organic extractant.

5.A butanol permeable membrane is placed in between the fermentation broth and extractant solvents.

6.The packed bed is then rinsed with the liquid extractant until inlet and outlet concentrations are the same.

7.The interior is completely filled with extractant and thus increases the impregnation capacity as compared to classical SIRs.

8.Solvent Impregnated Resins ( SIRs ) are porous resin particles, which contain an additional liquid extractant inside the porous matrix.

9.The extractant, including the host, must be substantially insoluble in the processed aqueous solutions to avoid being washed away.

10.How much gasoline, kerosene, diesel, paraffin, or other extractant can one get from a single barrel of oil?

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