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English-Hindi > facit

facit meaning in Hindi

facit sentence in Hindi

• आयाम
1.As a result, Facit went out of business virtually overnight.

2.In the 1970s the industry was dominated by Facit, making calculators.

3.Throughout the 1960s Facit experienced an increased growth and a high profitability.

4.During 4 years, the Facit home computer became popular in Sweden.

5.FACIT EDB was the first fully Swedish series production computer.

6.In 1960 the department became Facit Electronics with a new factory in Solna.

7.In 1965 the entire corporation changed its name to " Facit AB ".

8.Facit was sold to Electrolux in 1973.

9.In the past Facit Walk Disk and a similar device from Mazak were very popular.

10.FACIT EDB that were completed in 1957 was essentially a transistor-based version of BESK.

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