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English-Hindi > facsimile copy

facsimile copy meaning in Hindi

facsimile copy sentence in Hindi

• प्रतिकृति प्रति
facsimile    प्रतिलिपि
copy    अनुकृति कापी नकल
1.As a result, Frank Graham publishers produced facsimile copies in the 1970s.

2.It published full facsimile copies of its issues on its website.

3.A facsimile copy of the writing was published in United States Magazine in July 1855.

4.The original is kept in a vault, while a facsimile copy is on display in the reading room.

5.His examples were limited and illustrated by facsimiled copies of the works, both written in English and Portuguese.

6.Publishers such as SPES and Arnaldo Forni Edition provide facsimile copies of plenty of music for trombone from this era.

7.Tall antennae perched on a hill near the factory provide the ability to communicate and transmit data and facsimile copies.

8.A facsimile copy of FM 30-31B first appeared a year later in Bangkok, Thailand, and in various capitals of northern Africa.

9.Facsimile copies have been reproduced on two occasions and now the full text and images of the Horsham book are available online.

10.Facsimile copies of Sinfonia No . 4 are housed at the Library of Congress and the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

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