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English-Hindi > flounce

flounce meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: flounced   verb past participle: flounced   verb present participle: flouncing   
flounce sentence in Hindi
1.There are many satisfying images of chandeliered salons and flounced skirts.

2.Carol, Tootie, and I practiced flouncing in my playroom.

3.Manning wore a faded jeans mini with a crinoline ruffled flounce.

4.Some of the clothes were distinctly flounced, fitted and Western.

5.Sensitive souls avert their eyes or flame or flounce off, offended.

6.Mrs . Clinton responded by flouncing metaphorically up the steps.

7.There was never a touch of vulgarity to her swagger and flounce.

8._Skirt : A-line, flounced or panel pleated

9.Bullying is not nice and usually bullies flounce off if pulled up.

10.Rachel was delighted and Natalie flounced off back to Scotland.

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the act of walking with exaggerated jerky motions

a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim
Synonyms: frill, ruffle, furbelow,

walk emphatically

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