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English-Hindi > furbelow

furbelow meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: furbelowed   verb past participle: furbelowed   verb present participle: furbelowing   
furbelow sentence in Hindi
1.Searle and Saks are equally stocked with fluffy, frilly furbelows.

2.Don't look for furbelows in this old stone house.

3.They're used to 18th-century frills and furbelows ."

4.Paris is still the place to be for beading, feathering and expensive furbelows.

5.It doesn't have a single design furbelow that is popular in residential architecture.

6.But communication without furbelow or flare.

7.The dolls are back in force, all curls and furbelows, and the automata are poised to perform.

8.Yet it was more matter-of-fact than some of his past efforts, with fewer rhetorical furbelows.

9.Luggage coverage, flight insurance and similar furbelows are likely to be redundant for most people with better-priced regular insurance.

10.The plots often follow real scandals so closely that they seem _ and in some cases are _ inside stories cloaked in fictional furbelows.

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a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim
Synonyms: frill, flounce, ruffle,

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