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fogged sentence in Hindi

"fogged" meaning in Hindi  
  • They had been fogged in and had been almost wiped out,
  • But how could I keep count as fatigue fogged my mind?
  • Safety goggles protect your eyes, but they can become fogged.
  • Neurons fired randomly in a brain fogged by drugs and trauma.
  • "Fogged in " was more like it.
  • Vandals in New York fogged the lens with a lubricant.
  • At night, orange lights illuminate the occasionally fogged-in paths.
  • The windows fogged up from the students'breath.
  • Sioux City was fogged in and so was I _ meteorologically and metaphorically.
  • During the fall, homeowners often awaken to find their windows fogged over.
  • They are fogged by the ghosts of old erasures.
  • His eyes were closed and the steam of his breath fogged his visor.
  • His scope fogged up and he is reported to have exclaimed " Hell!
  • "My goggles got fogged up and I couldn't really see.
  • But he was fogged in this time, and couldn't make it.
  • And the windows : fogged from the cigarettes.
  • The corridors of the county courthouse are fogged with the smoke of jittery defendants.
  • The recent run-up in fuel prices has fogged profit forecasts for 2000.
  • But just what France meant to commemorate with the statue remains fogged by time.
  • The Luciferian gleam is fogged by guilt; the guilt is smudged by bragging.
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