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fogginess sentence in Hindi

"fogginess" meaning in Hindi
  • I have a little fogginess, a little dizziness.
  • Cohen does this descent with a wonderful fogginess.
  • According to his father, the student " now experiences a constant state of fogginess.
  • Valette's paintings are Impressionist, a style that suited the damp fogginess of Manchester.
  • Almost everything in Death is a bleak grey, and a subtle grey fogginess limits visibility.
  • I knew there were dangers with the surgery : fogginess, halos around bright lights, infection.
  • This fogginess is enveloping the dispute between Chrysler Corp . and Kirk Kerkorian, its largest private shareholder.
  • This can cause weakness, tingling in the extremities, fatigue, mental fogginess, poor coordination, even complete paralysis.
  • He has not practiced since then, he said, because of " headaches, nausea, fogginess ."
  • Afterward, Beukeboom was left with recurrent headaches, memory loss, nausea, and mental fogginess that lasted for months.
  • Mental fogginess after heart surgery is so common that it has a medical jargon term : " pump head ."
  • If not ousted, they can impair immunity and lead to fatigue, mental fogginess, skin problems, neurological ailments or heart disease.
  • "It's not really headaches-- just like fogginess-- but I'll be all right,"
  • His ascendance is a sign of Yeltsin's fogginess in foreign affairs, and of a wider trend away from democracy and free markets.
  • Although Reagan's disengagement at times was true to his hands-off style, aides were concerned about his fogginess during his second term.
  • Warning : HBO's new gangster biography, " Lansky, " may stimulate flu-like symptoms, including irritability, fatigue, and fogginess.
  • Her husband, Jorge, said that after suffering a blow to the head, he experienced fogginess and was diagnosed at a hospital as having a minor head trauma.
  • Sunday afternoon's three pieces at Carnegie Hall under Dennis Russell Davies were so secure and confident in general that one didn't really mind the occasional fogginess in busy string passages.
  • The sheer fogginess of the system and its rules makes a plausible case for excusing activities _ renting out the White House, funneling cash to political goals _ that are questionable on their face.
  • Such fogginess can be a hindrance to a club, as it was to AC Parma last season, when the players essentially quit on Nevio Scala when it became clear his days were numbered.
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