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English-Hindi > foggier

foggier meaning in Hindi

foggier sentence in Hindi
1.They make nice stories; the real world is foggier.

2.Making a judicial system work is a foggier process.

3.The process stands to illuminate one of advertising's foggier corners : movie advertisements.

4.We are certainly learning more, but the more we learn the foggier it all gets,

5.Fogerty could use some onstage time in the foggier corners of the bog, since that's where myths grow richest.

6.Until August 1, 1993, it had never reached in August, which is one of the foggier months in the area.

7.In coming weeks thousands of consumers will go shopping for a personal computer with an even foggier plan than that of the car buyer above.

8.The process promises to illuminate one of advertising's foggier areas : the blurbs of movie reviews that studios use to publicize their films.

9.He said the region is entering a 20-year phase of cooler, foggier and dryer weather after decades of warmer, less foggy conditions.

10.The war of words has been all the foggier because Smith's article in the weekly Sunday Independent relied in part on questionable statistics to make its case.

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