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English-Hindi > fogging

fogging meaning in Hindi

fogging sentence in Hindi
1.There would be less likelihood of an inside storm fogging up.

2.Is there any way I can get rid of that fogging?

3.The ventilation system needed improvement; the windows kept fogging up.

4.Keep bathroom mirrors from fogging up by cleaning with shaving cream.

5.Air conditioners and lights must be turned off during fogging.

6.The only thing that worries me is his glasses keep fogging up.

7.They are dispersed through ultra low volume ( ULV ) fogging equipment.

8.It contains dry nitrogen gas to retard fogging and condensation.

9.Beside fogging there are some other insect repellent for indoors and outdoors.

10.This creates " fogging " or condensation to form between the panes.

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