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foggy sentence in Hindi

"foggy" meaning in Hindi
  • They like warm, sunny days and cool, foggy nights.
  • Foggy Bottom is a good place to plumb for vogue words.
  • _Avoid driving in the dark or when it is foggy.
  • Weekend mornings, even foggy ones, it's packed.
  • He is still dizzy, and he is kind of foggy.
  • Another foggy issue is Sanders'obligation to the baseball Reds.
  • It's even worse when it rains or gets foggy.
  • He likes foggy and rainy days and bare trees in winter.
  • It's a drizzly, foggy day in the Adirondacks.
  • I have only a foggy remembrance of the birth and death.
  • In the foggy mist before dawn, a train whistle blows.
  • On foggy spring days the spores may travel a quarter mile.
  • After that, it seems like it gets kind of foggy.
  • It crashed in foggy weather and killed all 10 people aboard.
  • A Jetstream 31 crashed in icy, foggy weather in Hibbing.
  • He said foggy conditions often occur in December in northern India.
  • "It's dark, it's foggy.
  • Country Instrumental Performance : " Foggy Mountain Breakdown,"
  • I felt scared, kind of terrified, kind of foggy,
  • Plimpton turns his head away, his clear voice turns foggy.
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