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English-Hindi > foghorns

foghorns meaning in Hindi

foghorns sentence in Hindi
1.When I was sailing, I loved foghorns for similar reasons.

2.Needless to say, the hotel neglected to mention the foghorn.

3.The noise this thing makes sounds like a foghorn being strangled.

4.It had a foghorn, slipway, jetty, and boathouse.

5.There was a foghorn sound effect heard from time to time.

6.A large foghorn alerted ships in fog and in bad visibility.

7.Foghorn Leghorn eventually ends up between the Dawg and the rooster.

8.Foghorn falls to the earth, landing on a bed spring.

9.Foghorn then finally figures out how to get rid of Red.

10.Henery tells Foghorn that he wants to capture him for dinner.

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