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fronde sentence in Hindi

"fronde" meaning in Hindi
  • 1649-French court leaves Paris at outbreak of Fronde Rebellion.
  • This " Spanish Fronde " was almost purely a military affair.
  • In 1649, during the Fronde, Aubervilliers fell into misery.
  • At the end of the Fronde, the Intendants were reinstated.
  • Mazarin feared that an alliance between Cond?and the Fronde was imminent.
  • After the Fronde he engaged in financial affairs, thanks to Fouquet.
  • His moderate attitude during the Fronde permitted him to come through uncompromised.
  • He played an important role in the first hours of the Fronde.
  • The Fronde as a civil war was now over.
  • The Fronde of 1646 53 was also marked by anti-tax riots.
  • She joined the court in 1651 during the Fronde.
  • On his way home he tried in vain to mediate in the Fronde.
  • The Fronde facilitated the emergence of absolute monarchy.
  • The daughter of La Fronde " and also wrote several journals in Paris.
  • The French people suffered terribly in the Fronde, but it achieved no constitutional reform.
  • In 1651, Cardinal Mazarin stayed in Cologne as a safe haven during the Fronde.
  • During the Fronde, they twice were forced to leave Paris and go into exile.
  • He was arrested twice during the Fronde.
  • 1650-France's Parliament imposes peace on Bordeaux which virtually ends second Fronde revolt.
  • 1652-France's King Louis XIV returns to Paris as Fronde uprising is crushed.
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