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English-Hindi > gaberdine

gaberdine meaning in Hindi

gaberdine sentence in Hindi
1.I had this edition that glossed " gaberdines " as " pants ", which confused me.

2.Hip-hugging designs in wool, gaberdine and corduroy have helped make the trend weather-proof.

3.As the rain comes, Trinculo gets under Caliban's cloak ( a gaberdine overcoat / cloak ).

4.For this designer, that meant wool gaberdine, wool jersey and a wool that had been given a puckered texture.

5.Pants Ant is the main hero of the town of Gaberdine in Pantsylvania, where everything revolves around pants and lower body clothing.

6.Women of all ages have bought into the trend now that low-rise styles have grown to include wool, gaberdine and khaki.

7.In later centuries " gaberdine " was used colloquially for any protective overgarment, including labourers'smock-frocks and children's pinafores.

8.Thomas Blount's " Glossographia " of 1656 defined a gaberdine as " A rough Irish mantle or horseman's cloak, a long cassock ".

9.As the storm resumes and thunder sounds, Trinculo is forced into the nearest shelter, which happens to be Caliban's gaberdine ( a loose-fitting cloak ).

10.Ruth-Marie ( Stewart ) Rudemacher, today a resident of Springfield, finished 11th in the downnhill /-slalom combined wearing a billowing gaberdine ski suit, courtesy of Bloomingdales, that fit like a deployed parachute.

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a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles
Synonyms: duster, gabardine, smock, dust coat,

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