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gaby sentence in Hindi

"gaby" meaning in Hindigaby in a sentence
  • Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, Gaby Hoffmann, Ashleigh Aston Moore
  • Odie ( Gaby Hoffmann ) is the story's narrator.
  • The younger generation, they are looking at Gaby on television.
  • Carlos wants to go the police, but Gaby stops him.
  • However, during a weekend away Simon tries to rape Gaby.
  • Gaby presses charges and her father, Doug, hits Simon.
  • After a brief split, Glen proposes to Gaby who accepts.
  • Larry soon discovers that Gaby is deeply in love with him.
  • Gaby leaves the mansion and moves back in with her grandma.
  • During a party Gaby shows up with Kike making Larry jealous.
  • This makes Pilar jealous, she begins to argue with Gaby.
  • Gaby automatically feels sympathy and feels guilty for turning Ellie in.
  • Gaby and Carlos attend the party anyway through the back door.
  • Renee then tells the women about Gaby's nose job.
  • Gaby is at a loss for words, and Juanita leaves.
  • Gaby goes to get the flour and spills some on herself.
  • Brenda kisses Doug, which Gaby witnesses and she tells Pam.
  • Gaby shrugged and issued one of those smiles endearing her to Romans.
  • Ms . Ricci and actresses Gaby Hoffman and Asia Argento showed up.
  • He has three brothers, including former WBA bantamweight champ Gaby Canizales.
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