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English-Hindi > gadabout

gadabout meaning in Hindi

noun plural: gadabouts   
gadabout sentence in Hindi
1.The factory also produced the slightly more expensive Phillips Gadabout models.

2.The distinctive theme tune was " Glad Gadabout " by Johnny Scott.

3.Door to door paratransit service is provided by GADABOUT Transportation Services, Inc.

4.On the weekly Gadabout Gaddis program " The Flying Fisherman,"

5."a gadabout " and " a serial monogamist ."

6.Thank you for sharing, Gadabout Gaddis.

7.She often aids Gadabout and his squire Will ( later Juan ) in their adventures.

8.Will he become a talk-show gadabout and literary lion, too busy to write?

9.Consequently, Fellini s interpretation goes against the traditional notion of Casanova as an enlightened gadabout.

10.Ainikki, Lemmink�inen's sister spies Kyllikki and informs young Lemmink�inen of his gadabout wife.

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a restless seeker after amusement or social companionship

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