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gadflies sentence in Hindi

"gadflies" meaning in Hindi
  • There is a constituency here for an anti-establishment gadfly.
  • "I'm a natural intellectual gadfly ."
  • Gomez has been a gadfly of Guerrero governors for 20 years.
  • Or Charlie Hennessy, an eccentric gadfly, on the mayor:
  • Such ventures and his gadfly views frequently troubled administrators and colleagues.
  • Bill Galvin just showed how one gadfly can make a difference.
  • Gadflies get around, and no one circulates like Stanley Fish.
  • The gadfly did his job right from the start Wednesday night.
  • Young would become something of a professional Evans and Brown gadfly.
  • Journalist and political gadfly Arianna Huffington is running as an independent.
  • Appropriately, the theme music was Gadfly Suite by Dmitri Shostakovich.
  • Austrians shoot Gadfly at dawn and he commands his own execution.
  • GregJackP, who is a serial gadfly reverts it back in.
  • Bestor was also known as a gadfly of American education.
  • He is part gadfly, part politician, part impresario.
  • The People's Action Party does not take kindly to gadflies.
  • Overnight he became a colorful gadfly in Manhattan show-business circles.
  • Barrow became the acknowledged gadfly of the unified government's commission.
  • There are certain hazards in the life of a gadfly.
  • As gadfly Jim Corrigan explains, everything is perfectly fine.
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