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English-Hindi > gallants

gallants meaning in Hindi

gallants sentence in Hindi
1.Gallant said " Thank you "; Goofus scowled.

2.His performance is sweetly gallant, especially under the nonsensical circumstances.

3.Now she was the noble widow and I the gallant orphan.

4.Moments later, Gallant was knocking at Neale's door.

5.Gallant kept knocking, eventually forcing Neale to open the door.

6.Gallant acknowledges that the Internet can contribute to unwarranted health panics.

7.Up to 15 of these gallant machines made the ultimate sacrifice.

8.Rafe is reckless and gallant, Danny a bit more shy.

9.He described the gallant try as if reading a stat sheet.

10.Christopher Gallant, president of Advanced Funding, declined comment Tuesday.

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