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gallants sentence in Hindi

"gallants" meaning in Hindi
  • Gallant said " Thank you "; Goofus scowled.
  • His performance is sweetly gallant, especially under the nonsensical circumstances.
  • Now she was the noble widow and I the gallant orphan.
  • Moments later, Gallant was knocking at Neale's door.
  • Gallant kept knocking, eventually forcing Neale to open the door.
  • Gallant acknowledges that the Internet can contribute to unwarranted health panics.
  • Up to 15 of these gallant machines made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Rafe is reckless and gallant, Danny a bit more shy.
  • He described the gallant try as if reading a stat sheet.
  • Christopher Gallant, president of Advanced Funding, declined comment Tuesday.
  • Gallant Man lost the race by a nose to Iron Liege.
  • Gallant said in a statement read in court by her lawyer.
  • "Astle's was a gallant knock,"
  • He sat down immediately but Gallant Man lost by a nose.
  • Corbett found himself embraced by the public after this gallant effort.
  • Seth was born Gregory Gallant in Clinton, Ontario, Canada.
  • He was mortally wounded in the performance of this gallant deed.
  • He bred U . S . Triple Crown winner Gallant Fox.
  • The gallant Polignac now rode forward and took over the command.
  • Lady Goldenfleece is immediately attracted to the'Gallant Gentleman '.
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