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gallery forest sentence in Hindi

"gallery forest" meaning in Hindigallery forest in a sentence
  • Along the margins of the river is gallery forest which floods periodically.
  • Its diet occasionally includes fruits from the surrounding gallery forest.
  • Occasionally, diet includes fruits from the surrounding gallery forest.
  • It grows in savanna and gallery forest at approximately elevation.
  • The terrain includes savanna, open woodlands and gallery forest.
  • It consists mostly of marshlands and seasonally flooded savannas, with gallery forest.
  • Kinkajous dry forest, gallery forest and secondary forest.
  • A gallery forest extends across the prairie on either side of the Buffalo River.
  • It occurs in primary and mature secondary forest and in gallery forest along rivers.
  • Occasionally included fruits from the surrounding gallery forest.
  • They grow naturally riparian and gallery forest as rheophytes ( river streamside plants ).
  • It lives in fairly open habitats such as forest edge, gallery forest and scrubland.
  • The flora type is Afromontane gallery forest.
  • Lomas de Rompe, where the macaw was also reported, had rainforest-like gallery forest.
  • It is able to tolerate considerable habitat modification as long as gallery forest over stream is present.
  • It is a characteristic inhabitant of the gallery forest of southern South America but has broad habitat tolerance.
  • Very little closed forest can be found and this is mainly of the gallery forest type along waterways.
  • This species characteristically grows wild in gallery forest ecosystems along watercourses, as well as in swamps and wetlands.
  • It may also reside in rain forest, drier, thinned forest, and palm savanna with gallery forest.
  • The forest comprises a complex mosaic habitat, consisting of savannah, savannah-woodland, regenerating forest and gallery forest.
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