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galleons sentence in Hindi

"galleons" meaning in Hindigalleons in a sentence
  • She was fined 10 Galleons, meaning she lost her house.
  • From there, they were shipped to Spain by Spanish galleons.
  • He gained lots of early successes with his galleon Lilla J�garen.
  • He commanded ten galleons, four galleys and various smaller vessels.
  • The galleon's sailors had little choice but to surrender.
  • Another tells of a sunken Spanish galleon out off the coast.
  • Is the young captain of the Gokai Galleon who transforms into.
  • On the ridge just north of it is Galleon Peak at.
  • Gonzo the conquistador arrives to the Peruvian coast in a galleon.
  • The galleon sunk in 1656 off Ecuador's coast.
  • By then, only two galleons were left from the original seven.
  • During the 16th century the galleon evolved from the carrack.
  • Cortes visited the bay twice to protect his galleons from Portuguese pirates.
  • Each features a gilded galleon on top of a coat of arms.
  • Missing the galleon, the Commodore sails west to Manila.
  • The bell from one of the galleons was placed in Whitburn Church.
  • In the Battle of the Downs in 1639 he captured a galleon.
  • The Galleon Trade have accounted in the Philippine colonial economy.
  • The Spanish ships on these routes were known as the Manila galleons.
  • Shipyards let you recruit Sloops, Frigates and War Galleons.
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