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galleried sentence in Hindi

"galleried" meaning in Hindi
  • It still has its original galleried interior with pews and pulpit.
  • The galleried upper floor is used as office space by the architects.
  • Its central space had a galleried top-lit dome.
  • It is the only surviving galleried London coaching inn.
  • The galleried lecture theatre has been gutted and is now subdivided into two seminar rooms.
  • So far, she and her husband have galleried Barber in seven tournaments this year alone.
  • A galleried hall rises through the ground and upper floors and served as a ball room.
  • The galleried interior is plainly finished.
  • This system combined galleried schoolrooms and smaller classrooms for use in conjunction with monitors and pupil teachers.
  • High set windows to the south and west of the small teaching rooms also accommodated galleried classes.
  • It had a galleried entranceway from the Henry Hudson Parkway that was high and made of Maine granite.
  • The second floor accommodated the main galleried lecture theatre, museum, two laboratories and associated support rooms.
  • This section incorporated the galleried entrance hall which is used by the royal family for entertaining and family occasions.
  • The main school building was converted into 12 apartments and 2 duplex galleried houses and renamed  Academy Square.
  • The original interior is described as a galleried interior, entered from the narthex with flanking stairs to gallery.
  • The galleried lecture theatre in the Medical School has been named the ES Meyers Lecture Theatre in his honour.
  • It is one of only two coaching inns to survive in Greater London, and is the only galleried example.
  • A kitchen and dining room are located in the rear extension, with a galleried porch aligning with the center hall.
  • The main hallway features a cantilevered staircase with wrought-iron balustrade and oak handrail which leads to a galleried landing.
  • The entrance hall contains an 18th-century staircase with slender wooden balusters leading to a galleried landing of the same period.
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